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So much WOXY history…

Honestly, I need to start some kind of WOXY archives site. I saved all of the official FM-era archives before the Austin offices were dismantled. I have a nice chunk of all of the weekly station playlists from 20+ years. They are not all in order and it would take a lot of scanning, but even if I did one page a day or something it could be interesting.

While I have a think on that, here is an interesting snapshot of the last few months of life at the FM-era ‘97X’. Even before we had found out that the station was going to be sold, we had been having conversations about making the playlists album-based again. That transition started to happen right at the beginning of 2004. The last few months on the FM dial in Southwestern Ohio were probably as adventurous as the station had been since the earliest days of the broadcast.

These ‘adds’ are listed from Heavy rotation down to Light (also 6P+, night-only rotation for the Thursday & Year Future). Keep in mind, at this point, WOXY was still a commercial FM…

WOXY playlist adds for the week of 13 January 2004
THE TWILIGHT SINGERS “Esta Noche” (One Little Indian)
THE TWILIGHT SINGERS “Feathers” (One Little Indian)
THE WRENS “Faster Gun” (Absolutely Kosher)
THE WRENS “Boys, You Won’t” (Absolutely Kosher)
SUN KIL MOON “Lily And Parrots” (Jetset)
+/- (PLUS/MINUS) “No One Sees You Like I Do” (Teenbeat)
STEREOLAB “Sudden Stars” (Elektra)
STEREOLAB “Vonal Declosion” (Elektra)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN “You Don’t Send Me” (Rough Trade)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN “If You Find Yourself Caught In Love” (Rough Trade)
THE SHINS “Turn A Square” (Sub Pop)
ELBOW “Not A Job” (V2)
STELLASTARR* “Somewhere Across Forever” (RCA)
KINKY “Presidente” (Nettwerk)
DIZZEE RASCAL “Fix Up, Look Sharp” (XL/Matador)
RYAN ADAMS “Burning Photograps” (Lost Highway)
RYAN ADAMS “Wonderwall” (Lost Highway)
RYAN ADAMS “English Girls Approximately” (Lost Highway)
SIMPLE KID “The Average Man” (2m Recordings UK)
THE THRILLS “One Horse Town” (Virgin)
22-20s “Such A Fool” (Astralwerks)
AIR “Cherry Blossom Girl” (Astralwerks)
MY RED CELL “She’s Leaving” (V2 UK)
THE VON BONDIES “No Regrets” (Sire/Reprise)
MARK LANEGAN BAND “Methamphetamine Blues” (Beggars Banquet)
THE GREAT SHAKES “In The Ballroom” (Rich & Sexy)
MOTH “Drop Deaf” (Vital Records)
THURSDAY “Ny Batteri” (Island)
YEAR FUTURE “Some Bodies” (Gold Standard Laboratories)

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Films Viewed - 2011 (so far)

1. Somewhere [screener dvd]
2. White Material [UK Blu-ray]
3. Enter The Void [35mm, “uncut festival version”, Alamo Drafthouse Ritz]
4. The Fighter [digital projection, Alamo Drafthouse Village]
5. SubUrbia [HD Netflix Streaming, repeat viewing]
6. Mademoiselle Chambon [Blu-ray, rental]
7. Winter’s Bone [Blu-ray, repeat viewing]
8. Dogtooth [UK dvd]
9. Blue Valentine [35mm, Alamo Drafthouse Ritz]
10. Mother and Child [Blu-ray, rental]
11. Lost In America [dvd]
12. Machete [Vudu, HD rental]
13. Temple Grandin [dvd, rental]

14. Tiny Furniture [35mm, Alamo Drafthouse Ritz]
15. Biutiful [digital projection, AMC Barton Creek]
16. Another Year [35mm, Regal Arbor]
17. Red (2010) [Playstation Store, HD Rental]
18. Jurassic Park [HDNet Movies, repeat viewing]
19. Tamara Drewe [Blu-ray, rental]
20. Le Refuge (Hideaway) [HD Netflix Streaming]
21. Broadcast News [Criterion Blu-ray, repeat viewing]
22. Cedar Rapids [digital projection, AMC Barton Creek - preview screening]
23. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger [dvd, rental]
24. The Adjustment Bureau [digital projection, Alamo South Lamar - preview screening]
25. Love & Other Drugs [Blu-ray, screener]
26. Never Let Me Go [Blu-ray, rental]

27. Take Me Home Tonight [digital projection, Alamo South Lamar - preview screening]
28. Win Win [digital projection, Regal Metropolitan - SXSW press screening]
29. Little Deaths [SXSW screener dvd]
30. Beginners [digital projection, Alamo South Lamar - SXSW press screening]
31. Last Train Home [HD Netflix Streaming]
32. Inside Job [Blu-ray]
33. Outside Industry: The Story of SXSW [SXSW screener dvd]
34. Source Code [digital projection, SXSW Opening Night World Premiere, Paramount Theatre]
35. Insidious [35mm, SXSW Midnighters screening, Alamo Ritz]
36. You Instead [digital projection, SXSW North American Premiere, Alamo Ritz]
37. The Innkeepers [digital projection, SXSW World Premiere, Paramount Theatre]
38. Super [35mm, SXSW U.S. Premiere, Paramount Theatre]
39. The Future [digital projection, SXSW, Alamo Ritz]
40. Tabloid [digital projection, SXSW, Paramount Theatre]
[AICN 15th Anniversary Screening (DRAGONSLAYER) - walked out after reel 1]
41. Incendies [digital projection, SXSW, Alamo Ritz]
42. Sound Of My Voice [digital projection, SXSW, Alamo Ritz]
43. How Do You Know [Blu-ray, rental]
44. Paul [digital projection, Alamo South Lamar]
45. Kaboom [IFC In Theaters HD PPV rip]
46. Night Catches Us [HD Netflix Streaming]
47. Fair Game (2010) [dvd, rental]
48. Hanna [digital projection, Alamo South Lamar - preview screening]
49. Rubber [HDNet Movies “sneak preview” screening]
50. Jane Eyre [digital projection, Alamo South Lamar]

51. Harriet The Spy [HDNet Movies]
52. Real Life [dvd]
53. Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats) [IFC In Theaters HD PPV rip]
54. Ceremony [HDNet Movies “sneak preview” screening]

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Catching Up To The Future

It’s been a long time.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’ve just read those words and are now thinking I shouldn’t have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to.

Where was I?

Oh, right. I haven’t posted here since September. What happened to me?

Last year I was laid off from my job of twelve years, began a committed relationship, started working in an office, covered multiple film & music festivals for Austinist or as a freelance staffer, and slowly burned through every dollar that I had in a fairly meager savings account in order to stay afloat.

Anybody who spent time as a listener or staff member at WOXY knows just how special of a place it was. From my early years working in the FM studios up in Oxford to our Longworth Hall digs in Downtown Cincinnati all the way to our final journey, 1200+ miles away from home when we moved to Austin, it was quite an adventure.

Over the past year, I harbored a lot of resentment and anger over what happened in March 2010. The abrupt shutdown of our beloved station was a shock to all of us on the ground in Austin, mostly blissfully unaware of just how off the rails things actually were at the Future Sounds offices out in Los Angeles.

I still don’t understand why everything had to happen the way that it did, but I’m oddly thankful. Not only am I still standing (a small miracle), but I’m happier than I’ve been in years. I am in love (with my partner and my city) and I could never have found this path in life if everything wouldn’t have gone down just so.

To top it all off, I’m now involved in a project that is the first thing I was approached for over the last twelve months that genuinely made me excited. Anybody who has been out of work before knows how degrading and soul-crushing the interview process can be. I went after so many jobs that I wasn’t even excited about because I just wanted to be back to work.

With Music Impacts, I have had the opportunity to get involved on the ground level with a site that I believe will become a groundbreaking and thought-provoking community where music fans can share their stories of how they connect with music. My own passion for music can be traced to my mother putting headphones on her stomach while I was in utero, so I was literally born into the target audience that the site will be looking for as users.

The team of people behind this site are top-notch and I am outrageously thankful that I am a part of the team. I never gave up thinking that I would find the right fit, a job that could sustain me and challenge me in the wake of WOXY. Music Impacts is still being shaped and part of the excitement in that is not knowing where it could take me. As it grows, the outreach/charity aspects we are discussing for the site could become more fulfilling than a lifetime of playing records on the radio. I don’t intend to compare the two experiences, but one definitely led me to the other.

For now, I look to the future with an open heart and an open mind.

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9/11: reposts from my old journal

posted @ 2001-09-11 23:36:00
Current music: Diane Sawyer saying the same thing for the 12,000 time…

I just got into work and haven’t looked at anything online yet. I have slept for a total of 3 hours today and am completely out of it. I am not sure how to make it through an entire shift tonight. I cannot see the footage anymore. I do know that this makes any problems, worries, or petty things in my life seem incredibly inconsequential.

My thoughts are elsewhere. At least I got through to Newsom. He is OK, but Mark had to walk from Lower Manhattan all the way up to Harlem to get back home after his work was evacuated.

Much more later…

posted @ 2001-09-12 02:03:00
in my thoughts—-my nyc peeps
devin, tiffany, sherwood, anthony, brian, jenni, clint, crystal, jenn, karine, tye, mattie, ted, miwa, depippa, adam, mike martini, john, claudia, dan, tyson, tracey, jon, moose, elles, L.I.Z., cheryl, heavy jerry, geoffe, jen, tom m., beth, anna, and fowler.

of course newsom and mark are ok…and i’ve heard from jay @ matador…also know that tom g, erika’s best friend, and cin’s boyfriend jacob are all OK.

am not sure if i’ve forgotten anybody…but these are the people that are foremost in my head. i am thinking good thoughts for all…

posted @ 2001-09-12 04:09:00
things you never think about

So, Mike did a sweep of the playlist and removed songs or artists that might be problematic in light of recent events. Of course, removed from the studio playlist entirely is Kindercore recording artists I AM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER.

Until further notice, we’re also laying low on BURNING AIRLINES tracks and probably not spiking in “Flaming Wreck” from PERNICE BROTHERS or “Burn Baby Burn” from ASH for a few days…

And that is just new stuff. I wanted to play X’s “Country At War” tonight, but figured I had better not.

posted @ 2001-09-12 05:40:00
the really fucked up thing is…

If I wasn’t broke right now, I would have been in New York this week. The CMJ conference starts tomorrow and I had originally contemplated going for the entire week and seeing Newsom’s new apartment.

The last time I stayed in NYC, I was stayed very close to where this is all happening. In fact, the Empire State Building and WTC were in the distance off the balcony of the penthouse where we stayed.

I guess for once, I will give it up for being really poor…

posted @ 2001-09-13 03:20:00
good souls

I got home from work and watched the news until I fell asleep on the floor of the basement. I forced myself to get up and go to bed and then I slept for most of the day. I woke up because Kate called me and then I got up and went back to the news.

One thing that really struck me was how amazing all of the emergency workers are. I mean, I am SUCH a pussy. I can’t even have blood drawn without passing out and these people are putting their lives in danger to find people in the midst of the rubble. It is really powerful and I am in awe of them.

I do believe that everyone I know is OK, but I was really upset that I couldn’t get through to Newsom today. I think after that last building collapsed (holding lots of telecommunication equipment) that it fucked up a lot of services that had been OK on Tuesday.

CMJ has been postponed, but only like a month…which makes NO sense to me. I really feel like they will have to end up cancelling it all together.

I did send an e-mail to Pete to make sure he was ok. I didn’t know where he was at because he didn’t have any tour dates until next week. He wrote back:

thanks are a good man. i am stuck in london with the band. we are all fine, but very saddened by this whole thing. my family is safe, as i hope yours is too. be well, and thanks for your concern. py


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4 years ago
Scanning Soundscan - 9/8

It’s just plain sad to see a band like Disturbed is not only still around, but that they can still debut at the top of the charts. In fact, Asylum is the band’s fourth consecutive #1 album. It racked up about 179k in sales (54k were digital).

Other worthless debuts in the Top 10 include Now 35 at #2 with 105k and the inexplicable return of the Goo Goo Dolls at #7 with 34k. Heart also hit the comeback trail with Red Velvet Car. It sold 27k in its first week, which was good enough for a #10 debut.

*On the heels of his Oscar win for “Crazy Heart”, Ryan Bingham debuts at #19 with Junky Star. It sold about 17k in the first week. This is particularly strong when you consider his last album peaked at #65.

*Jenny Lewis teams up with boyfriend Jonathan Rice for the Jenny & Johnny album I'm Having Fun Now. It only debuted at #37 with sales a touch over 10k. It’s pretty fascinating to me that this album was even beat on the charts by The Weepies, whose Be My Thrill sold almost 1500 more copies than J&J and debuts at #34. Ms. Lewis can, perhaps, take consolation in the fact that I’m Having Fun Now is #1 on the LP charts, selling over 1000 copies on vinyl.

*Ra Ra Riot plummeted from #36 to #147 in their second week, selling another 3400 copies of The Orchard. The 2 week total is almost at 14k and it sits at #55 on the Digital Albums chart. As the band hits the road to support this record, I expect very consistent sales to follow the track of their debut.

*Philip Selway from Radiohead released his debut solo album on Nonesuch called Familial. It debuts at #7 on the Heatseekers chart with sales of about 2300.

*I did read that Phoenix were officially certified GOLD this week (sales of 500k) for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The album is still sitting at #123 on the charts after 67 weeks of release, although its official Soundscan total is about 488k. Considering that Astralwerks did NOTHING with the band’s last album domestically, it’s pretty impressive to see how Glassnote helped catapulted their career stateside with this one.

*It’s also worth noting another big success for the Glassnote label: Mumford & Sons. We were playing that band on WOXY off their import album in early 2009. In fact, we had them booked to play a live session with us in March at SXSW that year but their singer lost his voice. The session ended up getting recorded overseas by our pal Drunk Country and aired in May of 2009. Now, a year and half later, Sign No More is on its way to 200k here in the U.S.

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4 years ago
Scanning Soundscan - 9/1

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to sit down and dissect the sales numbers, but I wanted to make sure to get back to it this week to celebrate the chart debut of The Orchard from my dear friends Ra Ra Riot.

Before we get to that, let’s look at the Top 10.

California whore gurl Katy Perry takes the #1 spot with her new record Teenage Dream. Analysts are calling the numbers disappointing, but she hit 192k in the first week. While those sales are a far cry from debuts this year by Eminem or Drake, it still took the top of the charts by a large margin (Fantasia’s Back To Me took the #2 spot with about 117k. Let’s not cry for Ms. Perry yet. The digital single for “California Gurls” has sold over 3.6 MILLION and the self-titled second single from the album is already approaching 1.1 MILLION copies as well and currently sits at #1 on the Digital Songs chart.

Looking at other notable debuts this week, Ra Ra Riot’s sophomore effort on Barsuk debuts big at #36. The Orchard is sandwiched between Sheryl Crow and Jack Johnson (!!!) on the Top 200 with first week sales of close to 10,400. About 500 copies were sold on vinyl for a #5 debut on the LP charts. About 7200 copies were digital giving this album a whopping 78% in non-traditional (online) sales, 20% of indie store sales, and 2% of big box sales.

Austin’s own metalheads The Sword hit #47 with Warp Riders. It moved about 9000 copies in its first week, almost 550 on vinyl.

New album from Eels takes #91 with close to 5000 in first week sales, with about 1600 of those digitally and close to 300 on vinyl.

Arcade Fire are still selling The Suburbs very strongly. The album falls just to #16 in its 3rd week and is on its way to 262k. The overall sales breakdown includes 146k digital and almost 12k on vinyl so far.

A few albums hanging on to the Top 200:
*M.I.A.’s “Maya” has to be seen as a disappointment. Hanging at #160 with 61k total.
*Best Coast are back on this week at #179. Total sales are at about 23k.
*The National eclipsed 150k this week, album at #184 with sales only down 12% from previous week. By the end of the year, we should see High Violet eclipse Boxer to become their best selling album.

On the Digital Songs chart, Cee-Lo Green’s viral hit “Fuck You” debuts amusingly enough at #69. With only the original explicit version for sale so far, the track sold almost 21k in its first week. The single version, “Forget You”, will undoubtedly hit the digital marketplace soon as it officially was sent to US radio this week.

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